Strengthening the Rule of Law

The Sustainable Criminal Justice Solutions (SCJS) community is made up of two organisations:

  • a UK based public sector operator, working on behalf of and under the control of the UK Government. SCJS UK is a not for profit organisation supporting the development of criminal justice processes worldwide;
  • SCJS Europe, established under Belgian law as an international not for profit organisation, whose purpose is to support, in Europe and further afield, the rule of law and criminal justice processes in line with international standards and ethics.

The SCJS community specialises in providing international capacity-building, transnational development projects, impact assessments, training and advisory services within the criminal justice sector contributing to overarching Rule of Law principles. We have significant experience in successfully implementing challenging projects and a proven track record in identifying funding solutions.

Our activities include:

  • the delivery of public services;
  • equipment supplies;
  • networking, creating and fostering regional and international partnerships;
  • addressing regional security and justice needs through specific tailored projects in areas such as: protection of chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) material and facilities, public protection, infrastructure protection, denying support for CBRN misuse, anti-terrorism capacity building, border control, transit and transhipment control, safeguarding information diffusion, bio-safety & security, illicit trafficking, waste management, first response, public health impact mitigation, post incident recovery, investigation & recovery, investigation & prosecution, crisis response;
  • strengthening a regional culture of safety and security by increasing local ownership, local expertise and long-term sustainability;
  • enhancing cooperation with international organisations and EU Member States;
  • the delivery of twinning projects in accordance with European Commission rules. SCJS is a delivery partner for UK Government bodies such as the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Home Office and Ministry of Justice, EU Member State authorities and academic institutions. SCJS is now Certified by the EU Commission as a Full Mandated Body for the purposes of delivering Twinning projects.

Confidentiality and integrity are essential in enabling SCJS to build sustainable partnerships between public administrations. It has a particular focus on improving the safety of citizens and communities by delivering projects that support victims and witnesses of crime.

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Sustainable Criminal Justice Solutions CIC


Registered in England and Wales No. 07869789.
Registered Office, SCJS, Chandlery Building, School Lane, Southampton, SO31 4NB
UK VAT Registration Number 127373415

SCJS Europe

Registered in Belgium N° 0718920448
35 Square de Meeus, B-1000 Brussels, Belgium

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