Delivering Public Sector Criminal Justice Services


Sustainable Criminal Justice Solutions (SCJS) is a not for profit, public sector operator supporting criminal justice processes across Europe and beyond. The organisation seeks to improve the safety of citizens by delivering projects that support victims and witnesses of crime.  Funded by the European Commission and UK Government, it also provides services to members of the judiciary, courts, lawyers, police and other bodies working within the criminal justice system.

SCJS is in a delivery partnership with UK Government bodies such as the Home Office and Ministry of Justice, EU Member State authorities and academic institutions as well as a wide network of criminal justice experts within the EU and in neighbouring countries.  It specialises in delivering capacity-building, sustainable initiatives, trans-national projects, impact assessments and providing advisory services within the criminal justice sector. Additionally, SCJS has significant experience in securing European-wide projects and a proven track record in identifying funding solutions.

Confidentiality is important to us and to those for whom we work.  Whilst recognition is appealing, our focus on providing high quality and impactive advisory and research services will always be the priority of SCJS.


 Sustainable Criminal Justice Solutions CIC Limited, registered in England and Wales No. 07869789,

Head Office 109 Saltmakers House, Hamble Point, School Lane, Hamble, SO31 4NB

Registered Office 21 Carlton Crescent, Southampton, Hampshire, SO15 2ET, VAT Registration Number 127373415